Low Carb Winter Warmers

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Low Carb Winter Warmers

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Feel like it’s harder to stick to your health and weight loss goals when it’s cooler? Lots of you tell me there’s a greater temptation for comforting, hearty meals and I often hear that you tend to fall off track because of this.

So, I’m here to show you that you CAN still enjoy comforting, tasty meals like this whilst nourishing your body and remaining in your jeans!

I really love to help you stop the yo-yoing and maintain a realistic way of eating all year round for healthy weight maintenance, optimal gut health and hormonal balance.

So, this small recipe book contains 12 dinner recipes that are takes on your favourite winter warmers (with the macronutrients attached).

This means that you can have your cake and eat it too!

The 12 recipes are all:

  • Under 450 calories

  • Low carb (each meal contains under 20g net carbs)

  • Gluten free

  • Grain free

  • Mostly dairy free, with dairy free options

I really like to personally stick to the guidelines above and provide them to most of my clients, as so many of us have issues like:

  • PCOS

  • Food sensitivities and IBS (gluten and dairy are the 2 most common sensitivities I see)

  • Weight loss struggles due to insulin resistance or constant cravings

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Inflammation

… which these dietary guidelines all seem to help with.

BUT, because they are all dinner recipes, this eBook will suit absolutely anyone reading (unless you’re vegan) as it’s up to you to choose what you eat for the rest of the day.


What you’ll get:

1 PDF (52 pages) sent to you in a download link upon purchase.

Please save it to your computer or books on your phone! It does look beautiful on a computer though as it is displayed as a 2 page layout like a real book :) So I suggest that you definitely view it there first!

So go ahead, treat yourself! Your body will love you and they’re great recipes to impress the entire family or a date!

What women have said about my other ebooks and services…

I feel so humbled to have such supportive women receiving incredible results from my plans and recipes.