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After constructing over 600 + personalised meal plans and individually consulting with over 450 women, I’ve drawn on common themes to carefully design my signature macronutrient controlled, results-driven 3 Week Body Reset eBook meal plan.

The Low Carb Winter Warmers is a recipe eBook - filled with 12 dinner recipes. Pairs very well with the 3 Week Body Reset!


Signature 3 Week Body Reset Plan

Low Carb Winter Warmers Recipe eBook


Small Eating Guides


These 3 guides come for free as bonuses when you purchase the 3 Week Body Reset!

Dining Out Guide

Stay on track with your goals when you dine out or grab takeaway

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Low Carb Snack Ideas Guide

Easy, simple, 100 and 200 calorie snacks + 2 bonus recipes.

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Build Your Own Salad Guide

Build a perfectly balanced, calorie controlled low carb salad

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