Have you tried every diet under the sun and feel frustrated, confused and stuck?!

I get you, as I have been through a lot of it myself.

- Bec Miller, Evidence-based Clinical Nutritionist (BcSc. Nutr) specialising in weight loss and women's health



Results from women around the world


“After following Bec's 3 Week Body Reset Plan and continuing with a moderately low carb way of eating, I have lost nearly 10 kgs! Bec's recipes and plans have completely inspired me. What I love about Bec's meals is that you never feel hungry, and are always satisfied. Bec has literally changed my life! I'm in the best shape ever and food no longer has a negative hold over me.”

Kate Robinson - Queensland, Australia. 

“I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Breast Cancer 12 years ago and was really struggling with my nutrition. I did the 3 Week Body Reset. The meals were flavourful and filling. My sugar cravings had decreased and I was feeling amazing; sleeping 7+ hours a night. My sugar cravings are gone and I’ve lost 6 kilos.”

Samantha Fox - Utah, USA.



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