Evidence-based Clinical Nutritionist (BcSc. Nutr) specialising in weight loss and women's health


“I know how it can feel when you have tried absolutely everything with NOTHING seeming to work. I get you, as I have been through a lot of it myself. So, I make it my mission to get to the bottom of it for you".

- Rebecca Miller



Meal Plan & Recipe eBooks


After constructing over 600 + personalised meal plans, I have drawn on common themes to construct these results-driven eBooks. They’re both low carbohydrate plans that strongly focus on healing gut health concerns and alleviating inflammation by being gluten and grain free.

Personalised Meal Plans


Sometimes we need a clear, set out food plan specifically designed for our individual needs to reach our goals. Dietary requirements, body composition, goals, lifestyle and habits are very carefully considered by Bec to generate a plan that is exclusively for YOU. Very popular after trying an eBook meal plan!



Love podcasts? Here are the latest two I have been on!

This one is a short, 20 minute discussion all about my business journey and how I transitioned from University into a solo, full time business owner. l chat with Sydney business owner Relauncher Alison!

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Here, I delve into ENERGY and discuss all of the ways in which we can optimise our energy to produce better work, more full-filling relationships and a happier, easier life.

I am interviewed by Jaharn Quinn, Founder of Your Creative Start, who was actually a client of mine in 2017 and I helped her lose a whopping 20kgs!! So much wisdom in here, I love this women and the connection that we have made.

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“Let's clear your confusion... once and for all” - Rebecca Miller, Founder of Health with Bec