Meal Plan eBooks for Purchase

After constructing over 600 + personalised meal plans and individually consulting with over 450 women, I’ve drawn on common themes to carefully design these macronutrient controlled, results-driven slim down eBooks.

They are both moderately low in carbohydrates and strongly focus on healing gut health concerns and alleviating inflammation by being gluten and grain free.


3 Week Body Reset Plan

After the overwhelming response of my 21 Day Spring Slim Down Plan (below), I have now created this 3 Week Body Reset Plan which includes new recipes and more information (including a mindset component by Certified Mindset and Wellness Coach, Samantha Flook) to help you set goals, nourish your mindset and stay motivated.

The 3 Week Body Reset Plan is a carefully designed, macronutrient-controlled meal plan with very simple to follow recipes. It has been designed to help you…

  • Boost your body’s natural detoxification pathways

  • Reach your balanced weight without the intense hunger and cravings - and keep it off

  • Alleviate IBS concerns and optimise gut health

There are 4 versions of the eBook, 2 that include meat in about 3/4 of the meals and 2 that are pescatarian. Both versions also vary in calorie counts, with the over 75 kgs version having roughly 1250-1350 calories on 5 days of the week , and the over 75 kgs version having 1400-1500 through the week.



21 Day Spring Slim Down Plan

This eBook was released in September last year, and has now delivered over 700 women incredible results. I am absolutely blown away with impact that this book had on so many womens lives. If you haven’t yet done either of these eBook meal plans, I recommend to do the 3 Week Body Reset Plan first and this one afterwards! It is now at a reduced price.

Being a Spring book when the weather was a little colder, it includes a few more hearty, comforting meals like soup, puddings and curry.

Like above, there are 2 versions of the book, but no pescetarian version.



Low Carb Winter Warmers

This eBook is not a meal plan. Instead, it is a selection of 12 macronutrient controlled dinner recipes to help you easily stay in your jeans through the cold months!

It is great paired with a meal plan eBooks, as you can sub out any dinner for a recipe in here instead.