Meal Plan eBooks for Purchase

After constructing over 600 + personalised meal plans and individually consulting with over 450 women, I’ve drawn on common themes to carefully design these results-driven slim down eBooks.

They are both moderately low in carbohydrates and strongly focus on healing gut health concerns and alleviating inflammation by being gluten and grain free.


3 Week Body Reset Plan

After the overwhelming response of my 21 Day Spring Slim Down Plan (below), I have now created this 3 Week Body Reset Plan which includes new recipes and more information (including a mindset component by Certified Mindset and Wellness Coach, Samantha Flook) to help you set goals, nourish your mindset and stay motivated.

From the astounding results from both the last eBook and all of my clients over the years, I have designed this plan with great confidence, knowing that it will deliver more and more women the results they desire.

The 3 Week Body Reset Plan is a carefully designed, macronutrient-controlled meal plan with very simple to follow recipes. It has been designed to help you…

  • Boost your body’s natural detoxification pathways

  • Reach your balanced weight without the intense hunger and cravings - and keep it off

  • Alleviate IBS concerns and optimise gut health

There are 4 versions of the eBook, 2 that include meat in about 3/4 of the meals, and 2 that are pescatarian. Both versions also vary in calorie counts, with there being one version for women who are over 75 kgs, and one for women under 75 kgs.



21 Day Spring Slim Down Plan

This eBook was made last year, and delivered over 550 women incredible results. I am absolutely blown away with impact that this book had on so many womens lives. If you haven’t yet done either of these eBook meal plans, I recommend to do the 3 Week Body Reset Plan first and this one afterwards! It is now at a reduced price.

Being a Spring book when the weather was a little colder, it includes a few more hearty, comforting meals like soup, puddings and curry.