"I embarked on a 12 day plan and was amazed at how quickly I saw results. Within two days I had lost water weight and was not bloated, I also didn't experience being hungry and grumpy in the afternoon.

I was astounded that I was losing weight whilst eating more food! I am so grateful for Bec's help because she truly cares for each and everyone of her clients, which is hard to find these days! Couldn't recommend Bec enough!"

— Charlotte Boston, 20 years. PERTH, WA.

"I came to Bec after years of following the newest “healthy eating” trends. This left me confused & disheartened when I didn’t achieve my goals. Bec’s realistic, educated & proven approach has helped me refocus & get back to basics. After 4 weeks on Bec’s plan I lost 4kg!

Thanks for all your help & support Bec... I couldn’t recommend you enough."

— Kate McGee, 27 years. SYDNEY, NSW.


"Not only did you make me so comfortable in my own skin, but your ability to answer each and every question I had throughout the four weeks was priceless.."

— Isobel Downie, 25 years. PERTH, WA.



“Contacting Bec has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I have so much more energy and 3.30itis is nearly non existent. I feel lighter and most importantly satisfied with what I’m eating. AND.. no more bloating, how great! 

The recipes are so varied, easy and affordable and all of the ingredients are readily accessible. Finishing off my few weeks with Bec I feel like I know what I should be eating and what agrees with my body! Will definitely be recommending Bec to ALLLL of my friends". 

— Rhianna Smith, 28 years. PERTH, WA.

"I wanted to let you know how fantastic I’ve been feeling... I’ve got so much more energy and my mood has gotten better as well! I’ve noticed I’ve just got a much clearer mind and am feeling more positive about everything! I weighed myself the other day and am down to 86 (from 90) which I know is probably mainly fluid but it’s just so impressive! 

After losing 35 kilos on my own and thinking I “knew” my body so well and then plateauing for SO long it’s been so refreshing having your guidance and meal plans! Can’t thank you enough!"

— Eloise Hall, 26 years. MELBOURNE, VIC.

“From the moment I contacted Bec I felt as though I’de connected with the right person to help me with my stomach issues and help me achieve my goals. This was confirmed when I met her in person. Bec is intensely dedicated to helping and assisting you with your health. Her personalised meal plan has been perfect for me, who works forty if not more hours a week. The recipes are easy to put together, and most can be made in bulk. Her advice on supplements has put me on the path to helping my body reach its optimal condition. In 12 days I not only feel lighter, but clearer. I don’t feel hungry on any day eating according to her principles. There are so many nutritionists and naturopaths out there so it can be confusing but I would recommend trying to contact Bec and letting her help you.” 

- Alexandra Ristway, 26 years. PERTH, WA.

“I’ve lost 2.9kgs in 12 days! My headaches have stopped for the first time in months and my energy levels are so much better. I’ve lost 2.9kgs in 12 days and I can really see the difference around my waist as I’m not bloated anymore either.

Cutting out foods that I was likely sensitive to was so much easier than I thought and every meal in my plan was so filling and tasty, not once have I felt hungry!! I can’t believe I didn’t start working with you sooner!"

— Jordan McCarthy, 27 years. PERTH, WA.

"What I thought was healthy eating was actually causing bloating, digestive issues and moodiness. I felt like I was stuck in a rut. Since completing your 4 week weight loss program, I have felt some major changes in my mood, energy levels and overall well-being. With the tools you have given me, I have been able to keep the weight off even through the Christmas and holiday period.

I rarely crave the food that I shouldn't be eating. I will be sure to keep up with this way of eating, I love the fact that it is not a crash diet simply to lose weight, it is a personalised program and healthier way of eating. Thank you so much!".

— Angela Trimboli, 39 years. SYDNEY, NSW.



In 12 days I finally got past my plateau and lost 2 kgs, my mood improved immensely and I couldn’t believe the amount of food I was aloud to eat!

- Georgia Ross, 23 years. PERTH, WA.



"You are a god send! I’m feeling soooo much better now that i've identified and eliminated my food sensitivities. You don’t even treat them like a banned food and crave them because you know they are causing your body distress.

I'm actually eating intuitively now and feel so much leaner. Love having your recipes to go back to and treating myself to healthier, sweet alternatives. Thanks so much for being there when I need you. Looking forward to kicking some goals in 2018!"

- Rebecca Bell, 36 years. PERTH, WA.

"Your nutrition plan felt like a break from the restrictive diets I had been following to try lose weight. The recipes are quick and easy to prepare, absolutely delicious, and give me clear direction to follow without feeling deprived. Being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease left me feeling quite lost, but meeting you and discussing my symptoms made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that there was hope!

I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who wants to take back control of their nutrition and is sick of the ‘one menu plan fits all’ approach that is out there". 

- Louise McClelland, 29 years. PERTH, WA.

"Just wanted to send a huge thank you for all the results from the meal plan! I've definitely lost weight and my energy levels have been so consistent all throughout the day and afternoon, especially in the past 5-6 days. I've loved having a super low-carb breakfast and am pretty addicted to those protein pancakes!

Will definitely be trying to maintain a low carb/gluten free lifestyle and keeping up with your recipes on the blog. Thanks so much".

- Zoe Testrow, 19 years, PERTH, WA. 

"I like that you listened to my feedback from the first week and changed the plan up to suit me!

I now know which foods I can and can’t eat and the plan was simple and easy to follow, which made sticking to it super easy! 
I’ve noticed a change in my body over the last 12 days, my stomach has lost fat and my arms have slimmed down, which gives me the motivation to continue being healthy! Thanks for your help Bec!".

- Hayley Siciliano, 20 years, PERTH, WA. 

"I contacted Bec in hope of curing the 3:30pm crash, and it has been a success! Cutting out carbs was a breeze with her recipes, something I had never been able to sustain before. All of her recipes are tasty, easy to prepare and make you feel good! I have more energy and feel much lighter.

I also really loved the fact she goes above and beyond to make sure you understand why she is recommending certain things for you and how current habits affect your health. 

Thanks so much Bec! I've been recommending you to all of my friends!".

Mikeila Scheckenbach, 25 years, SYDNEY, NSW. 

" After my consult with Bec, I left feeling positive about my 12 day plan, she was knowledgeable along with speaking from experience of her own journey.

She was always so helpful in altering the plan to suit my needs. The recipes were varied and quick with enough options throughout the week to substitute if need be. Bec took into consideration my work and exercise schedule and gave further recommendations into recipes, was easily contactable and so friendly.

My digestive sensitives have reduced ten fold and no longer am I in pain or uncomfortable or bloated after eating a meal and being left confused as to what was the cause. I now feel that I know what agrees with my body and what works for me.  Big win!! I feel lighter and the 3pm energy slump has gone :)

Bec truly cares and is passionate about her job and helping her clients achieve their goals and finding what works for each individual, I look forward to continuing on and seeing more changes within my life."

- Shauna Aberton, 24 years, PERTH, WA. 

"Food has always been my downfall and with all the conflicting information out there, I felt overwhelmed and confused with what I should be doing. Bec has really helped clear this up for me and has educated me as to what foods I should be eating and why. I am a week into my 12 day program, I'm feeling great and have already noticed a change on the scale! Really excited to keep this way of eating up - the meals are delicious! Thanks Bec!".

- Jenna Quesnel, 30 years, PERTH, WA. 

"Bec's done an amazing job at creating plans that really keep your cravings in check. As someone who would eat processed sugar every day and loves carbs - I thought this would be very difficult! Her recipes are super tasty and have given me options I'de never considered - and I never felt like I was missing out.

I will be re-starting my 12 day plan again straight away. Thanks Bec!". 

- Catriona Golledge, 27 years, PERTH, WA. 

"Bec!!! Thank you so much for helping a busy mumma lose weight. That felt so easy to do in 2 weeks.

Your plans are getting better and better. I found them so straightforward and not time-consuming which was ideal. 

I have changed my whole outlook on weight loss and my energy levels are balanced throughout the whole day".

- Victoria Bahen, 27 years, PERTH, WA. 

“5 weeks in and I have lost 4.5kgs and feeling amazing. I never get hungry and I never crave sugar which is so weird. I am loving this new way of life. You are amazing! So glad I found you and I can’t thank you enough xx “

- Katie Rose Merwood, BUNBURY, WA.

“Honestly the plan and supporting documents where so comprehensive that I barely needed to ask any questions & had no trouble whatsoever. It’s been great!  

Weight is great as well, I have lost 3kg and my energy levels are better.  

Thank you so much Bec. My meals have been delicious & simple to prepare and cook. I am on track to feel better inside and outside. Thank you!“

- Jenna Mawson, 32 years, PERTH, WA. 

“Bec is wonderful at what she does! Not only are her recipes delicious, but she is full of knowledge and is always available to answer any questions I've had along the way. I felt totally supported throughout my 12-day plan and I'm now lighter, fuller & full of energy.  I also feel de-bloated and have the motivation to go forward."

- Kirsten Tennant, 24 years, PERTH, WA. 

“Can’t recommend Bec highly enough! She has done an amazing job helping me after some recent health issues.

My focus was on my health, definitely not losing any weight. Facing some drastic changes, she ensured I was and am in a good position to maintain weight and keep things going with my busy schedule (whether it be accommodating for work or mid-week social sports).

She has gone above and beyond to help me out and has been incredibly supportive since day one.”

Thanks again Bec! 

-Alizanne Kelly, 25 years, PERTH, WA.

“I would like to say a massive thank you for being absolutely instrumental in helping me achieve my goal weight and assisting me with my bloating.

You have been so professional and knowledgeable from the first day we met for a consult, during my 12 day plan and my follow-up.

I feel so much more energetic, I’m at my goal weight, my bloating has gone, I understand portion sizes and calories  better and I don’t feel hungry all the time. I will continue on this journey knowing I have you to help me along the way.”

-Jo Hill, 48 years, Northam, WA.

“Completing my 4 week Health with Bec meal plan helped me change how I viewed meal times. It was invaluable to learn what food actually fueled my body and felt good and realising what food was actually making me feel bloated and lethargic.

Bec’s recipes are delicious and I have loved learning how to make my meals extra tasty while still healthy.

Thanks for everything Bec, you have really helped me create a positive mindset around food and fueling my body. Thank you.”

-Jessie Rouillon, 26 years, Carina, Brisbane, QLD.


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