Firstly, have you seen my meal plan eBooks? I highly recommend that many women should start with one of my eBooks before a personalised plan.

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12 Day Kick Start Plan

Even though this is a short plan,  I ensure it will be enjoyable enough to repeat and continue until you reach your desired weight.

Best for women who only have a couple of kilos to lose. 


What is it?

A 12 day meal plan is carefully put together to kick start you in the RIGHT direction towards weight loss or any other health concern.

Along with this, you will receive personalised tips, guidance and specific guides to ensure that you learn and develop skills for life. Unlimited question and answer emails or text messages are also included. 

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Deluxe  $250

Also includes

45 minute initial consultation  

Basic  $185



4 Week Slim Down and Reset Plan

It really does take at least four weeks to implement life-long change, especially if you have more than a few kilos to lose. Beat food cravings, gain control over your appetite, shed weight, break bad habits and turn your body into a ‘fat burning machine’!

Best for women who have 4-10 kilos to lose.


What is it?

This includes a deluxe 12 day plan (above) + 1 follow up consultation ($90) and another 12 day plan ($150)

You also receive personalised education, guidance and supplement suggestions like above.

Unlimited question and answer emails or text messages are also included.


$450 (saving of $40)



6 month Overhaul Plan

Do you need to be held accountable to make sure you don't fall off the bandwagon? Have a long term goal with quite a-lot of weight to lose? This plan is for you. 

Best for women who have 10+ kilos to lose and need constant support and education


What is it?

This includes an initial consultation ($180), 3 x 2 week personalised meal plans ($450) and 2 follow up consultations ($180) which stretches it out to 8 weeks.

Each fortnightly meal plan is personalised to you depending on your progress, feedback and changing lifestyle.

Then, every month week we have a follow up consultation ($90) until 6 months is up. Totalling another 4 follow up consults ($360).  

Unlimited question and answer emails or text messages are also included. 


$990 (saving of $180)

Payment plans available

You can decide to stop after 8 weeks if you feel ok to go on without regular follow up consultations

Making it: $810

This is usually what the first payment is. 



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