12 Day Kick Start Plan

Who doesn't love a quick fix? If that's what you're after, this plan is for you. Whatever the case, I can ensure you it will be enjoyable enough to repeat and continue for life... unlike all of the other quick fixes you'll find. 


What is it?

A 12 day meal plan is carefully put together to kick start you in the RIGHT direction towards weight loss or any other health concern. Along with this, you will receive personalised tips, guidance and specific guides to ensure that you learn and develop skills for life.

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Deluxe  $225

Also includes

45 minute initial consultation

Personalised supplement suggestions & external test recommendations if needed. 

Basic  $175


It is highly recommended to start with the 3 Week Body Reset Plan. Then, after this, we can fine tune a plan for you going forward! This is the most economical way to put you on the right path in my opinion.

Here are cases where the 3 Week Body Reset Plan may not be appropriate:

  • If you’re a shift worker with a schedule that doesn’t allow you to cook every night

  • If you’re vegan

  • If you don’t like too much repetition and prefer to cook in bulk for the week

  • If you want to gain weight

  • If you’re a man


4 Week Slim Down and Reset Plan

It really does take at least four weeks to implement life-long change, especially if you have more than a few kilos to lose. Beat food cravings, gain control over your appetite, shed weight, break bad habits and turn your body into a ‘fat burning machine’!


What is it?

A four week meal plan that includes an initial consultation and a follow up consultation. You also receive personalised education, guidance and supplement suggestions 

By the end of the four weeks, you'll have a collection of four meal plans with different recipes that become more and more suited to you each week, as I construct the plans from your weekly feedback. 

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8 Week Overhaul Plan

Do you have more than a few kilos to lose? Need to be held accountable to make sure you don't fall off the wandwagon? Have a long term goal? This plan is for you. 


What is it?

Please read about what's involved in the 4 week plan above. This is very similar however it is structured in this way....

Four fortnightly meal plans (instead of weekly). Valued at $400.

Each fortnight is personalised to you depending on your progress, feedback and changing lifestyle.

An initial consultation and 3 follow up consultations (valued at $375).

Unlimited question and answer emails or text messages. 





What my clients say...



“I embarked on a 12 day plan and was amazed at how quickly I saw results. I was astounded that I was losing weight whilst eating more food! I have learnt so much about nutrition and how good my body feels when it is adequately fed”

— Charlotte Boston.

How great!

“Finishing off my few weeks with Bec I feel like I know what I should be eating and what agrees with my body! I feel lighter and most importantly satisfied with what I’m eating. AND.. no more bloating, how great!.”

— Rhianna Smith.

Can't thank you enough.

I’ve lost 2.9kgs and can really see the difference around my waist as I’m not bloated anymore either.
Every meal in my plan is so filling and tasty, not once have I felt hungry!! I can’t believe I didn’t start working with you sooner”

— Jordan McCarthy.


What are you waiting for?

Together, lets find your personalised strategy to optimal health....