Nutritionist Perth

"Because of my own personal journey and my endless love for research, I have total confidence in the advice I give to my clients."

Rebecca Miller

Clinical Nutritionist, Bachelor of Science Nutrition. 

Hi, my name is Rebecca Miller and I am a Clinical Nutritionist and the founder of Health with Bec. 

After years of battling with weight fluctuations, a slow thyroid and chronic digestive issues in my teens through to my early 20’s, it ignited my passion to research ways to use food to assist with these issues, whilst making sure the foodie side of me stayed happy.

As my research constantly continues through working with women and after developing 500+ personalised meal plans, I know that these issues are commonly shared amongst women and particular food and lifestyle practises have the power to heal them. Food has the ability to do this. Eat correctly and it will make you feel satisfied, reach a healthy weight, optimise your hormonal balance and prevent illness and disease.

My degree has provided me with the foundations to pick apart the science that exists and de-bunk common myths. The millions of mixed messages in the media are confusing, so I love to clear this confusion for you.

When it comes to weight loss and health, it can feel like a constant battle, and I understand how it can feel like you have tried absolutely everything, but NOTHING seems to work. I get you. This is why I specialise in weight loss, as I have an extreme passion for this area of research and sharing my growing knowledge with others.

That's another thing that I love to do; help others. Seeing women become happier because of something I have done genuinely brings me so much joy.

So, I bring my personal experience together with my extensive knowledge and drive for research to provide you with information that is totally up to date and what I believe to be unique to what you may have tried before.

My bloating journey as shown in an instagram post from 2017…

Click on the image to learn more about my past struggles and how I use it as fuel to motivate me to help you.

Want to learn a bit more about my health journey as-well as my business journey?

I spend 20 minutes talking about it on this podcast!


Let me clear your confusion and put you on the right path to optimal health!