As a Qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Rebecca Miller (BcSNutr.), founder of Health with Bec, specialises in weight loss and can provide expert commentary on a range of food, nutrition and health related topics.

Requests for collaborations, written articles or other publications can be made to

Weight loss specialist Perth

The Daily Mail UK

Rebecca has recently had two of her blog posts adapted and published by The Daily Mail.


Weight loss specialist Perth

Triple White - Style Runners online magazine

Rebecca has recently had her blog post “COULD SIMPLY EATING IN A SMALLER WINDOW OF TIME BE THE ANSWER TO FINALLY BUDGE THAT WEIGHT? published by Style Runner’s online magazine, Triple White.

Weight loss specialist Perth


In 2018, Rebecca designed a 21 day plan plan for WelleCo, the “21 Day Shape Up Plan”.

It was an ebook that was available for consumers to download upon purchase of any WelleCo product online.

New Idea

Rebecca has featured in both print and online publications for New Idea magazine, Australia.

She was the expert Nutritionist, guiding and educating 4 families in Australia with personalised meal plans in a 6 week challenge to help them improve their health and lose weight.



For a story on Mamamia Australia, Rebecca contributed her expert advice after she delved deep into the science behind the supplement that Taylor Swift takes for stress and anxiety.