Deluxe 12 Day Kick Start Plan

After you arrange a time with me for our consultation, I send you an online questionnaire with a wide range of questions. This gives me a head start so that I can get to know you a little before we even chat!

Then, we have our consultation (over the phone or in person). It goes for 45 minutes to 1 hour. We use the questionnaire as a base, and expand on each question. By the end of the consultation, I will know all about your lifestyle, habits, regular patterns of eating, favorite foods, disliked foods, symptoms, goals, schedule, exercise habits and more. As we go along, I also educate you along the way with tips and advice that is specific for you. You can also ask me any questions you like here.

After our consultation, I spend at least 2 to 3 hours putting all of your work together in a long email. The email will contain tips specific to you, exercise suggestions, twirks to your regular habits, supplement suggestions, a personalised guide to eating depending on your needs and goals, a guide to eating at restaurants, a snack ideas guide, any tests I would like you to get and your personalised 12 day meal plan.

Most plans will start on a Monday. So, you will receive your plan sometime before the Friday of the week that we have our consultation, giving you the weekend to read, prepare and buy all of your food. You can also ask me any questions apon receiving your plan.

Once you complete the 12 days, you have the option to arrange a 15 minute follow up consultation phone call with me! Here, we discuss how you're feeling and I give you tips and advice to help you progress forward.

After your 12 day plan, consultations and further meal plans are offered at a reduced price. You can also repeat your 12 days and then arrange for further help after that.. this is becoming very popular!

Basic 12 Day Kick Start Plan

Very similar to the deluxe plan, however, a consultation is not included. I make your plan purely from the information that I receive in your questionnaire.

A supplement suggestion report is also not included in this plan. If you would like a supplement suggestion report, you can add it to this service for $10.

If you require motivation and want to get the most out of my services, I highly recommend the deluxe option! A consultation allows us to get to know each other on a more personal level!  I understand that financial restraints and timing can get in the way, so this plan is a great option for those of you.