How to Choose Healthy Crackers


Are you low carb and / or gluten free? Love crackers? Or, just want to know what crackers to choose that are high in fibre and nutrients to benefit your gut and general health? You’ll love this blog.

Usually, my advice is to just leave most foods out that come in a package! I also always say to exclude highly processed snacks, with crackers being a prime example. HOWEVER, there is always an exception to the rule, and you don’t have to miss out and leave them out altogether if you don’t want to!

I love finding swaps and the best alternatives for you and this blog will do exactly that. 

I will cover 4 things:

1.     What to look for on a label

2.     2 of the best choices I have found at popular supermarkets in Australia

3.     An online store that has a range of great crackers you can buy

4.     A link to a great recipe I’ve found if you want to make your own!

So here goes!

1.What to look for when finding crackers

Firstly, if you avoid gluten, check to see if it has a certified gluten free label on the box.

Then, look at the ingredients list. You want to look for one that has mainly seeds and nuts, with the oil combining everything being either olive, avocado, flaxseed or coconut. The shorter the better like always! And, you want to understand most of the ingredients (no hard to pronounce names or numbers – this usually indicates preservatives and highly processed ingredients).

Then, look at the nutrition panel.

Check it has:


  • Less than 5g net carbs (total carbs – fibre)

  • At least 2-4 g fibre

  • 0 or just 1-2 g sugar max


2. 2 of my top picks!

1.     Flats crackers


Available from:

  • Coles

  • Woolworths

  • IGA

  • Plus more places!  

2. Olina’s Gluten Free Seeded Crackers, Pepita Seed or Sunflower Seed


Available from:

  • Woolworths!

3. Low carb online store:

This online store, “Low Carb Emporium” has lots of great food products! Including crackers….

Check it out!

4. A good recipe to make your own!

I have found this great recipe for you all. Why not grab all of the ingredients and make your own?

Click here to see recipe

Hope you enjoyed this!

PS - I would serve the crackers with

  • A homemade guacamole or my cauliflower hummus

  • 30 g cheese and sliced tomato!

  • 1/2 avocado, tomato and lemon (as pictured below!)


Bec xx

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