Why Listen To Me?

There are hundreds of Nutritionists, Dieticians and "Weight Loss Experts" out there. So why listen to me? I want you to stop listening to the old school advice that is out there. I also want you to stop following and believing the dietary advice that comes from genetically blessed people posing with fake Instagram accounts. If you are serious about losing weight or improving your health in any way, please read this short blog post that I have written to see where my knowledge and passion comes from...

Nutritionist Cottesloe

Firstly; I am a major foodie, however in the past I have struggled to maintain the weight that I like to be. So finding that balance has been hard! I have been through fad diets and tough times with other health issues, so I know how it feels. I have battled with chronic digestive issues for the past 7 years and only in the past year have I finally found the exact way to heal myself.. and I'm starting to feel AMAZING. Finally I'm not bloating and I used to think this was going to be a part of my life forever. I have also been diagnosed with a low thyroid but I am working on fixing that too. I also know that so many of you are like me and want to be at a weight that is healthy for you but at the same time enjoy food and not have to hold back or feel restricted.

It can feel like a constant battle, and I understand that sometimes it can feel like you have tried absolutely everything but NOTHING seems to work. I get you. Fixing your health and weight concerns can be a difficult process for so many reasons and I make it my mission every day to get to the bottom of them. This is why I actually specialise in weight loss, as I seem to have an extreme passion for this area of research.

I am also infatuated by the science of the human body and the powerful role that food plays in how we function as human beings. This is what led me to study a Bachelor of Science Nutrition when I was 20, and since the day that I finished that degree, I haven't stopped learning.

I also see faults in the way that diabetics are told to manage their condition, and the current guidelines that exist just don't help so many of us. My degree has provided me with the foundations to pick apart the science that exists and de-bunk many myths that exist.

Nutritionist Cottesloe

I have an extreme passion and drive every single day to share this growing knowledge with others. That's another thing that I love to do; help others. Seeing people become happier because of something that I have done genuinely makes me happy.

This drive is what keeps me going. All I want to do day in and day out is continue to learn so that I can help as many of you as I can. Food has the ability to do this. Eat correctly and it has the ability to make you feel good, live longer, reach a healthy weight and prevent illness and disease.

So, I bring my personal experience together with my extensive knowledge and drive for research to bring you information that is totally up to date and what I believe to be unique to what you may have tried before.

It's a confusing world, it really is, and I want to end the confusion for you. I want to help you finally get on the right track with your eating habits, find that healthy balance and be able to use food as your medicine to heal any other health issues that you may have.  

Please explore my website, check out my services, where I offer one on one consultations and personalised meal plans. Also, have a look at my 3 Week Body Reset Plan, which I have created after constructing over 500 personalised meal plans which simultaneously focused on weight loss, inflammation and optimising gut health that delivered amazing results, that have drawn on common themes to construct this plan that brings you not only science based, but tried and tested results-based information.  

Bec xx

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