Weight loss meal plan Australia

Hi everyone,


Welcome to my blog! I thought it would be appropriate to give you a quick idea of what you will be in for when you read my blogs that are about food! I will post recipes, photos and ideas of food that I commonly prepare and consume.


I do enjoy cooking and I obviously LOVE preparing food however I want you to know that I am not a chef!! My main priority and passion is to research nutrition science so that I can educate and help you. Therefore what I make is ALWAYS quick and easy! This means that ANYONE can prepare my recipes and trust that they will be simple and enjoyable!


Weight loss meal plan Australia


All my food promotes satisfaction and taste. It is always sugar free, and I use stevia as my sweetener of choice. I cook with no grains as I personally follow a low carbohydrate lifestyle. This doesn't mean that I believe all carbohydrates are bad, in fact some complex carbohydrates like quinoa are excellent foods to consume. It is just the way of eating that benefits me and helps me stay on target with my weight loss and maintenance goals, and I strongly believe after endless and ongoing hours of research that it benefits many other people.


Due to my recipes not containing grains, most of them are also gluten free.


Every meal contains high quality proteins, good fats, dietary fiber and are packed full of nutrients. These qualities in a meal promote satiation for a long period of time (the feeling of being full) and ensure that your blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the day. Both of these factors cause you to naturally eat less in the day and keep your hormone insulin LOW; which is beneficial for weight loss, general health and lowering your risk for metabolic diseases (ie diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease).  


Weight loss meal plan Australia


I will also post blogs about nutrition education and tips. However, most of this information I will reveal in my one on one consultations with you, so you will have to come and see me!!


Happy reading!


Healthy regards,

Rebecca Miller - Nutritionist

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