3 Week Body Reset Plan - Commonly Asked Questions

What’s difference between the different calorie versions of the plans?

Just calories! So, some of the meals are a little bigger, or there may be a slightly larger snack for the day. Other than than, both plans are very similar and have the same recipes!

Both assume light exercise, so, if you are a very active person, I suggest you add an extra 200 calorie snack to your day on the days you exercise (using the snack ideas guide).

Want an estimate of how many calories you should be consuming for your goals?

Here is a good calculator, it will help you decide which plan to choose:

View the “lose weight fast” number.

Please remember this is only an estimate. If you are more serious in working out your exact needs, you could consider getting a DEXA scan and/or a VO2 Max breath test at a weight loss clinic in your area.

Should I buy the 3 Week Body Reset Plan or the 21 Day Spring Slim Down Plan?

Great question! The 3 Week Body Reset Plan is brand new, has more summery recipes and a mindset component. It also has slightly more detailed and comprehensive emails. 

I would opt for the 3 Week Body Reset if you haven’t done either of my plans before. Then, afterwards, you could move on to the 21 Day Spring Slim Down!

Already done the 21 Day Spring Slim Down? Wondering whether it’s worth you doing the 3 Week Body Reset?

Absolutely. Even though the general macronutrient composition is the same in both plans, I ensured that I changed as much as I could! All new emails, 90% of the recipes are new, the mindset component is new and it’s far more Summery!

Is this plan suitable for vegetarians or pescetarians?

An entirely separate eBook has been made for you! It is pescatarian. Please make sure you purchase the one that includes this in the title.

Is this plan suitable for vegans?

Half of the meals in the plan are vegan, however vegans are probably the only sub group of people that I wouldn’t recommend a low carb lifestyle to. This is because when we exclude meat, fish and eggs we need to replace these rich protein sources, to ensure our protein needs are met with plant-based foods such as legumes and quinoa. These foods are high in carbs and that’s totally OK – you can’t follow a super low carb diet if you’re vegan – it’s not sustainable.

Does this plan cater for people with egg sensitivities?

Eggs are included in the plan, however, there are definitely alternatives that can be made whilst keeping the macronutrients constant, please email me after purchase and I will assist you.

Does this plan cater for people with allergies to nuts?

Nuts are included quite heavily in this plan, I would suggest booking in for a consultation to tweak the plan to suit your needs.

How can this plan be adapted to suit my partner?

Men can certainly join in with you on this plan. However, as this plan was designed for women, so the amounts of food would need to be increased to match men’s greater energy requirements. My generalised advice for men following this plan is to:

·        Have regular pasta instead of zoodles

·        Increase the protein serves at dinner time by at least 80 grams (so if you have 120g chicken (raw), they would have closer to 200g)

·        Add an extra 2, 200 calorie snacks to their day using the Snack Ideas Guide

If you would like more advice on this topic and to further tweak aspects of the plan so that it suits yours and your partners needs perfectly, please contact Bec to arrange a consultation at a reduced rate of $160 (saving of $20).

Are the ingredients in this plan easy to find?

Yes! Nearly all of the foods can be found at common supermarkets. The only foods that will need to be sourced elsewhere are protein powder and paleo bread. However, in the plan, I have given you advice on where to find them (general health food stores or online).

Can I exercise during this plan?

The 3 Week Body Reset Plan absolutely allows for exercise. I have assumed a light to moderate amount of exercise, meaning long walks, Pilates and / or Yoga. Then in weeks two and three I suggest adding in a couple of higher intensity workouts. 

If you feel like your exercise classes are more than this, that's completely fine, just be sure to add an extra 200 calorie snack to your day using the Snack Ideas Guide that you will be receiving. I do suggest however to limit the classes on the first 5 days of the plan as your energy levels may decrease due to the lower consumption of carbs. As part of the plan, you will be receiving lots of support emails along the way going into further details of the exercise components with this plan.

Is the 3 Week Body Reset Plan suitable for women who follow a low FODMAP diet?

Absolutely. There are some higher FODMAP foods that pop up throughout the plan, however, I have created a page in there to suggest suitable alternatives. With the plan being totally gluten and grain free and very limited in dairy, you may be surprised to see that this is where your IBS problem lies! So many clients heal from focusing on cutting out these foods as opposed to being super strict with FODMAPS!

Is the 3 Week Body Reset suitable for pregnant women?

It’s completely fine and safe to follow when pregnant, but I would suggest a few things…

As your energy needs are higher when pregnant and the research isn’t super strong to prove that restricting carbs is harmful or not, I would add in a little more to each day that is actually a bit higher in carbs just to be safe.

Add approx 1 cup sweet potato, potato or other root veggies to your lunches and dinners

OR 1/2 cup cooked brown rice or quinoa. 


Add 1 more cup of fruit to your days.

Other than that, I can’t see why it’s not safe as it’s very high in nutrients. And as long as you’re taking a folate supplement, missing out on folate fortified grains won’t be an issue! 

Is the 3 Week Body Reset suitable for breastfeeding women?

Yes, it absolutely is!

(Some) women have issues with gas forming vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, however, everyone is different - so it’s worth doing the plan but just taking note of whether any particular foods cause upset for your Bub. Other than that, it’s perfectly safe for you to do. As your energy requirements increase by approx 500 calories too, please know that you can add an extra snack or two (200 calories) to your day using the snack ideas guide that you will be receiving if you feel hunrgy. See how you feel with your hunger though, if you want personalised recommendations on how much to add or how to manipulate the plan to suit your needs correctly, a consultation is recommended.

How time consuming is the plan?

All of the breakfasts are super easy and take about 2-5 mins to make. Women sometimes even make them the night prior. Most through the week are transportable too, meaning that you can bring them to work and eat them later in the morning if you life. Then, lots of the lunches are leftovers from dinner the night before, or they’re an easy salad which you could make the night before or in the morning fairly fast. All of the dinners are very easy and range from taking 15-30 mins each. Also, there’s a very thorough shopping list so having the ingredients there and ready saves alot of time too!

Can you double up on ingredients for certain meals and repeat them throughout the week instead?

Yes! Of course, that is totally fine. As long as the meal you are swapping it for has roughly the same amount of calories! Which usually works as they are all fairly similar (give or take 50 calories - it doesn’t have to be exact!).

If you have more questions or would like the plan to be further tailored to you and your needs with one on one support (highly recommended for a greater chance of success), please contact me. My Initial Consultation service for women who purchase the plan is reduced to $160 (saving of $20).

Unsure about whether this plan or a personalised meal plan service is better for you? Make sure you have taken the QUIZ, and then schedule in a FREE 10 minute phone call with me here.