3 Week Body Reset Plan

Want to slim down safely without feeling deprived or unsatisfied?

Need to snap a healthy routine back into your life?

Want to get to the bottom of your IBS complaints?

Want to set realistic goals, actually stick to them and learn to finally love your body?

Want this to all be realistic, maintainable and long term?

My 3 Week Body Reset Plan is for you!


This 3 Week Body Reset Plan eBook is a carefully designed, macronutrient-controlled meal plan with very simple to follow recipes. It has been designed by myself (Rebecca Miller), Qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of Health with Bec, to help you…

  • Reach your balanced weight without the intense hunger and cravings - and keep it off

  • Alleviate IBS concerns and optimise gut health

  • Boost your body’s natural detoxification pathways

The plan also includes mindset tools and tasks provided by Certified Mindset and Wellness Coach, Samantha Flook, to assist you with:

  • Nourishing your mindset and daily habits to assist with creating long lasting change and pro-active feelings of growth and fulfillment 

  • Goal setting aimed to build healthy emotional awareness, empowered self confidence and authentic daily purpose

  • Learning how to use mindful tools to positively and reflectively self assess from a place of growth within your actions (specifically around mindful eating and it’s connection with food/ eating habits)

This plan will reset your diet, metabolism and mindset, setting you up with healthy habits to put you on the right path for the rest of the year.