"Because of my own personal journey and my endless love for research, I have total confidence in what advice I will give to my clients."
 Rebecca Miller

Hi! My name is Rebecca Miller. I hold a Bsc degree in Science Nutrition, making me a qualified Nutritionist.

For most of my life I have been totally infatuated by health, nutrition and science. I have always absolutely loved human biology and at an early age became fascinated with the way food interacts with the body. A lot of these interests for nutrition research stemmed from my own personal experiences with weight gain, hormonal imbalances and digestion issues, all of which I maintain to work on every single day.

I always seemed to be unsure of what foods to eat as the conflicting opinions from health professionals, doctors, websites, magazine articles and news reports left me extremely confused!   

For a few years I was "fad dieting", counting calories to a tee, over exercising and only eating low fat foods. This left me constantly feeling hungry and rarely feeling satisfied after my meals. I was also crashing in the afternoons, my digestion became increasingly worse, I was battling with unusual weight gain, and I was desperate to find the answers to heal myself.

Those few years weren't fun, and the mixed messages I was receiving were extremely frustrating. Also, I was aware that I wasn't alone and the thought of the public believing false messages worried me. So, I became inspired to learn the answers in hope of helping myself as well as many others. 

Because my passion for nutrition research is so strong, my knowledge goes far beyond my degree. I have come to realise many of the accepted guidelines about nutrition are in fact outdated; so every day I make it my absolute mission to keep up with the most RECENT science.

I strive to find the answers for what TRULY works for people, particularly for weight loss, as this has always been my most researched topic.

Although it has taken me a few years, I've finally figured out exactly how to eat in order to maintain a realistic weight without feeling deprived. I have increased energy, I don't feel the need to over eat on the weekends, I don't crave sweets and I have actually reversed my Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome! Even though I need to carefully watch what I eat, I can consume the foods I choose to eat with ease, knowing that they are benefiting my body and my health.

I genuinely know how it feels when you feel like you have tried absolutely everything but you still can't find the answers. I feel that I have finally started to find the answers for me and I truly believe that I can help you find the answers for yourself.