Evidence-based Nutritionist (Bc Science Nutrition) specialising in weight loss and women's health.

Let's clear your confusion... once and for all.


Nutrition Consultations


In person or over the phone, we delve deep into all of your nutrition related issues. I will answer all of your questions and educate you with the most up to date information. Then, I construct a detailed email with supplementing information which is totally personalised to you. 

Personalised Meal Plans


We are all unique... I take this very seriously! Often, we need a clear, set out food plan to lose weight and/or reach our health and nutrition goals. I consider your dietary requirements, body composition, goals, lifestyle and habits to generate a plan that is exclusively designed for YOU and you only.

Recipe Bundles

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Have you worked with me in the past? Do you want more recipe inspo without needing a totally set out and structured meal plan? This is for you! I put a bundle of recipes together that you haven't had before to suit your dietary preferences, goals, food sensitivities, cooking skills and health concerns!






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"It can feel like a constant battle, and I understand that sometimes it can feel like you have tried absolutely everything but NOTHING seems to work. I get you, and I'll make it my mission to get to the bottom of it for you".

- Bec Miller